Hi everyone,

as some of you may already know, I’m working on https://nutjs.dev, an open source desktop automation framework for node.

I often get asked by friends and colleagues why I’m spending a decent amount of my time on an open source project. They do not get why I’m enjoying it, thus they often think it’s a waste of time.

However, I’m still continuing with what I’m doing, simply because it allows me to dip my toes in more than „just“ writing code. I love digging into specificities of operating systems, enjoy a little UI work on the project website, improving docs and samples and generally engaging with my community.

Over time, it turned into more than just another framework in the endless seas of npm, I now see it as my own product. Trying to increase its reach and usage, gathering feedback, continuously improving.

Now people start sponsoring my work, so I must be doing something right, and suddenly, my „wasted time“ turns into a little side income!

Receiving feedback like the following just makes my happy!

just started sponsoring nut ❤️ it saves me so much time. also love provided functionality for testing. you really thought of everything

So, open source work is definitely much more than just coding for free!

Best regards